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Give your restaurant an extra value

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A study by the National Restaurants Association revealed that 63% of the interviewed people use their cell-phone to look for a restaurant to grab a bite, check out the menu, make an online reservation and place their order. The use of new technology represents an opportunity of growth for business owners, a way to increase the brand presence and effectively manage a restaurant.

Improving the gastronomic experience, waiting and payment time, and service, it’s what many restaurants see as a valuable opportunity to satisfy its customers. And even though word of mouth is still a great way to improve sales in this spicy and tasty industry, the new technologies can make a notable difference.

Gastronomic Marketing

Thousands of clients are searching for products and services on the internet. Dinner reservations through smartphones are becoming the daily bread, leaving behind the traditional phone call. 2.0 people are looking forward to having a great online experience, which is becoming a demanded trend in the industry.

Nowadays 96% of restaurant’s apps allow customers to check out the menu, and finding the place location through several mobile apps like Yelp, Foodspotting Foodspotting, Finddishes, Forkly and Foursquare. Only 43% allow customers to make an online reservation. There is still a long way of innovation to walk by.

Digital platforms

Touch Screen magazine stands, tablets displayed on restaurant tables to place your order, like the ones used by McDonald’s, or go through the menu, like the ones used by Pizza Hut, Chili’s and Ziosk and mobile applications, reward customers for fidelity. This is one of the many gastronomic innovations used to improve the customer experience. Enriching the customer experience is the daily challenge for restaurants owners. Being able to place themselves in the client shoes and creating a Customer Journey will create engagement between the user and the restaurant.





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