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An efficient kitchen, the heart of the restaurant

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When designing the kitchen area, you must consider certain aspects like ergonomic, productiveness, gastronomy, hygiene, and safety at work. Logistics inside a kitchen are vital in order to establish a path to success. Easy meal preparation, a proper presentation of each dish, an efficient distribution of the workload for the cooks, and quality equipment maintenance, are some important factors to take into account if your goal is success.

Space distribution in a kitchen is a big task that you must plan carefully, by creating workstations that maintain a perfect balance between cost, quality, effectiveness, and safety.

At first, you have to understand that workstations are required to give the customer a proper service. For example, the food pre-production station, the cold plates station, the hot plates station, the presentation and garnishing station and the dessert station. Even establishing the right flow for food delivery and reception of the dirty dishes is extremely important so that you avoid any interference with the quality of your customer service.

A raw material reception-space for suppliers is recommended. There must be a method to isolate food in order to avoid plagues and bacteria inside containers and packages.

Effective ventilation systems are of great importance in order to avoid air contamination. Installing grids in the air ducts can avoid plagues that represent a health hazard. Logistics regarding organic waste and trash are a significant issue to handle since it will help avoid bad odor and contamination.

Equipment and utensils inside the kitchen must be made out of washable, smooth and easy cleaning materials. They should not alter food’s flavor or smell. Stainless steel shelves are perfect to locate paper, aluminum, bottles, gloves, scissors, and tweezers.

At Lim Design Inc we have design professionals that use Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology in order to create profitable sketches that are also efficient. We also count with our “Know How”, which is part of the DNA of every restaurant.

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Not caring to venture back into the canyon

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The thing was an enormous cave bear, rearing its colossal bulk fully eight feet at the shoulder, while from the tip of its nose to the end of its stubby tail it was fully twelve feet in length. As it sighted the Sagoths it emitted a most frightful roar, and with open mouth charged full upon them. With a cry of terror the foremost gorilla-man turned to escape, but behind him he ran full upon his on-rushing companions.

The horror of the following seconds is indescribable. The Sagoth nearest the cave bear, finding his escape blocked, turned and leaped deliberately to an awful death upon the jagged rocks three hundred feet below. Then those giant jaws reached out and gathered in the next—there was a sickening sound of crushing bones, and the mangled corpse was dropped over the cliff’s edge. Nor did the mighty beast even pause in his steady advance along the ledge. (more…)

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